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Having been born in Nigeria, I hail from one of three countries where polio is still unfortunately endemic, the other two being Pakistan and Afghanistan. I had contracted the virus before my first birthday and do not know a time in my life before this disability. Moving to London when I was five years old and living here with polio and scoliosis has given me plenty of things to complain about—the endless underground stairs, the airport searches triggered by my metallic leg brace, the looks and questions I occasionally get as I make my way through the day.

Yet the very challenges of living in a large, fast-paced and occasionally insensitive city have forced me to thrive. Despite the occasional stares and remarks, Londoners, for the most part, have let me do my own thing. Teaching me from an early age that I should get on with it and learn to be self-sufficient—something for which I am eternally grateful.

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Brazil Will Always Inspire Wanderlust

I have been reminiscing about my month long tour of Brazil, with all the excitement of the 2016 Rio Olympics. Even before I had made the leap to book a ticket, I had been dreaming about Brazil for as long as I could remember. It seemed to be filled with beautiful landscapes, beautiful weather and beautiful […]

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4 Ways Buzzfeed Makes It Annoying To Live In London

Like most people, I have been known to waste the best part of a day meandering through the various quizzes and listicles that adorn the Buzzfeed webpage. But one thing has just gotten out of control, they keep making it more and more annoying to live in this city. We are aware that everyone hates […]

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My Study Abroad In California Changed My Life For The Better

When I was in university, I had the opportunity to be able to have a study exchange for the second half of my 2nd year. Obviously, I jumped at this chance, as when else would I be able to live abroad for half the year while still getting maintenance grants? Being a disabled young woman, my […]

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How Tastings At Cubana London Made Me Want To Visit Cuba

Last week I attended a few tastings at Cubana London at their Smithfield branch. I had found out about the events through Facebook. Having never been to Cuba before, I have always had an interest in visiting the island, especially as US citizens were allowed to enter the country once more. Definitely wanted to get there before […]

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That Time China Showed Me My Passport Privilege

On my recent trip to Hong Kong as part of my HSBC tour, one of my stops was Shanghai. It was an absolute nightmare getting to Shanghai in the first place, but what I experienced at Pudong Airport made me come face to face with my own privilege. Namely, the privilege I get from my […]

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5 Free Things to do in Hong Kong

During my time in Hong Kong recently, I had an absolutely amazing time. I ate Chinese food to my heart’s content, met up with some dear friends and explored the city. While Hong Kong may have a reputation as being an expensive place to live and travel around, there are a few things you can […]

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