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Posted by Jay in Travel on May 12th, 2014

So I got robbed.


R.I.P this sweatshirt

Despite the rocky beginning with polio and everything, I have led a very fortunate life. I have never been to a funeral, I have never been in a fight and I don’t know anyone that has gone to jail, let alone been there myself. Not saying that I live in a happy little bubble where no bad things happen, I have just been fortunate enough not to have experience the really crappy parts of life. For which I am grateful.

That was until Italy. As some of you may know, on my way from Milan to Florence I was unfortunately robbed of my luggage. Even “robbed” is not apt, as my stuff wasn’t taken by force and I was not threatened with anything or by anyone. See what I mean? Fortunate.

And the only reason this even happened was because I didn’t want to disturb anybody by asking them to place my luggage in the overhead compartments, as I could not do it myself. Instead of arriving at Florence with all my stuff with me, I found myself short of the clothes, makeup and accessories [including some birthday gifts] that were in my suitcase.

Being in Florence, not speaking a word of Italian and having had my things stolen, I was luckily able to find a very nice guy called Andrea who spoke both English and Italian and accompanied me to the station police office to give a statement. Unfortunately, the police proved to be less than capable as they had initially photocopied the visa section of my passport and not the actual passport page. It was at that exact moment that I decided to give up hope of ever finding my luggage again.

Thankfully, the most important items were on my person; passport, camera, phone and my wallet. Even when I had my stuff taken from me for the first [and hopefully last] time, it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it could have been. It’s just a shame that the only reason it had happened in the first place was due to the fact that I couldn’t lift my luggage over my head and didn’t want to be a burden on anybody else.

Lesson learnt, always ask for help and not worry about being seen as the poor little disabled girl that couldn’t do it for herself. I’d rather have my stuff anyway. Although, this whole ordeal did lead to the unfortunate incident of leaving Heathrow airport with just a white plastic bag of my belongings. Not the best look.

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