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Posted by Jay in Travel on August 8th, 2014

A few days ago while at work,  I was asked by some ladies how I managed to maintain my positive attitude and love for myself. This was spurred on by the fact that I had said how great I think I am, and fabulous I thought I looked.

Now this may sound conceited, probably because it is, but so what? I love me. I am proud of myself, all that I have done and what I have achieved so far. And God willing, this is only the beginning. So here’s a few things that I like to remind myself as often as possible which keeps me as fabulous as I am. And clearly, very humble.


Don’t make time for the bullshit


Just like baby Özil, I do not have the time, the energy nor the inclination to deal with your bullshit. Whether it is intentional or not, though it usually is, someone will probably shit on your day and make you feel like crap. It is so easy to get caught up in the nonsense and let other people bring you down, and there is no point giving them extra ammunition. Just remember that other people’s problem with you are absolutely none of your business, it’s their issue. More often than not, it may have very little to do with who you are as a person. So you really don’t need to stick around for that, give zero fucks and keep it moving.


Sing your own praises

me lookin gooooood

Unlike Beyoncé, I did not wake up like this but I regularly remind myself how wonderful I am. During the day I like to think about all the things I like about myself, my outlook on life, my wicked sense of humour and my ears. No seriously, I think I have excellent earlobes. But too many people forget to appreciate how great they really are, that you could be the reason somebody’s day gets a little bit better. And that person should be you, first and foremost. You have to realise your self worth before others will value you and what you bring. So make yourself happy, just not in public.

Sometimes you’re an asshole


Do not be deluded into thinking that your shit don’t stink, cuz it does. Sometimes you’re an asshole. While they will be your #1 supporters, you will probably get on the nerves of family and friends but such is life. Always own up to your nonsense and be ready to laugh at yourself cuz life shouldn’t be taken that seriously.

Please don’t be fooled into thinking that these lessons were learnt from the get go, it took a while to get here. Sometimes you will wake up and feel like the worst version of yourself, and your body will just not cooperate. But seeing and focusing on all the good things you like about yourself will definitely make the days more bearable, and maybe even fun.

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