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Posted by Jay in Travel on July 29th, 2014

Having been disabled nearly all of my life, I have come to notice the many different reactions people have to me and my disability. So I have enlisted the help of some of the Housewives of Atlanta to illustrate with a handy list of some of the more popular ones. See any in yourself?


1. I can’t even

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Now, this reaction above usually applies to babies and small children. They see my leg and all the various contraptions around it, they have no idea what on earth is going on, they have never seen anything like that. But they do know one thing, they have got to touch that leg/crutch. There’s a lot of reaching out and stunned looks, and embarrassed parents pulling their child away.

2. Ugh fine, take my seat

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I usually get this from people on the bus or the underground. They feel a guilt within themselves and offer up their seats begrudingly, even though I never asked. You can see the annoyance on their faces, but they will get up anyway, okay? Better get some good karma from this.

3. Jesus take the wheel

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As previously mentioned in my post about people that just want to pray for my leg, this person is very eager to help me in anyway that they can, especially in prayer. Amen!

4. You go girl!

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This is one of my favourite reactions, for obvious reasons. These are usually my cheerleaders that see me around and are impressed about how I just get along with my day to day and don’t let anything like polio bring me down. Or stop me from taking advantage of a good sale. Werk, hunny!

5. Public Defender

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I have come across this kind of person a few times, they usually ask me if I’m okay standing and are very ready [and have done on occasion] checked some people who didn’t stand up for me, or other people. Your wig will get snatched. They’re usually talking to #6 below.

6. Nope.

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Now this reaction is very rare, cuz life would just be unbearable if a lot of people were this much of an asshole. It’s only happened a few times to me, but I have seen it happen a lot to other people, especially old people. Just straight mean muggin’.

7. The show off

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Now I have only ever encountered this reaction once. I was getting on the bus a few weeks ago and sat next to this old guy who ever so casually mentioned that his leg brace could automatically bend when he was sitting down, unlike my retro manual one. Like, really?

8. The true Brit

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The person that doesn’t want any drama and will stay out of the way. Especially when #5 and #6 are getting into a war of words. Or just anybody making a scene. The true British way.

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