10 signs you are the worst disabled traveller ever

Posted by Jay in Travel on October 12th, 2015

1. When you know a certain lift is impossibly slow, you will just walk up the stairs. And complain every single step of the way.


Yeah, I’ll just mutter to myself about the injustice of slow lifts. While completely ignoring the small miracle that there’s even a lift available.

2. You carry way too many things on your person just to avoid those ridiculous Ryanair checked luggage fees.


No, I will not be checking in my wheelbarrow. I’m sure it’ll fit in the overhead cabins.

3. You seriously consider NOT requesting wheelchair assistance at the airport, just so you can wander around duty free some more.


I’ll make an exception for Sue who works at Gatwick, she was great. But momma does like a bargain!

4. You do no sort of planning for your trips and just kind of hope for the best

Thank goodness for Frank and his black cab who rescued me from being stranded in the middle of nowhere, Cornwall.

5. You have recently been using God as your travel insurance…


As long as you don’t look down, you will be perfectly fine. Have an updated will…just in case.

6. You regularly climb up hills and steep roads, and once you get there, you wonder how the hell you’re getting back down.


Was the view really worth the possibility of having to live on top of Budapest’s citadel? The answer is always yes.

7. You book hostels without checking if they are actually disabled accessible. FYI, they usually aren’t.


Unfortunately, none of my hostel stays have been in a castle. Yet.

8. You clamber up a billion stairs just to get to the top of a rootop bar. Then remember you forgot most of your money downstairs, so you nurse a cup of Sprite for way too long.


If anything, this is a great money saving trick. Plus you won’t have to keep rushing downstairs for the loo!

9. You see a set of stairs without a handrail as a challenge that you accept far too frequently.


Challenge accepted.

10. You go on ships and boats even though you know you’re not a strong swimmer.


Listen to the wise words of Dory and “Just keep swimming”

Can any of you relate to being the worst disabled traveller ever? Or you could just share tales of when you were just the worst, a la Britta!

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