4 Ways Buzzfeed Makes It Annoying To Live In London

Posted by Jay in Travel on April 13th, 2016

Like most people, I have been known to waste the best part of a day meandering through the various quizzes and listicles that adorn the Buzzfeed webpage. But one thing has just gotten out of control, they keep making it more and more annoying to live in this city. We are aware that everyone hates us, and we pay far too much for everything. No need to rub it in, okay?

1. Constantly reminding us how expensive it is to live in London.


Stop doing that, we already know how expensive it is to live here. We live here. Some of you Buzzfeeders live here, too. The constant stream of new estate agents, wealthy billionaires and pop up restaurants remind us we’re getting severely ripped off every single day. So just leave it out, Jamie. #brokeasphuck

2. Pitting different Londoners against each other


We are all going to think our bit is the best bit, it’s human nature, no need for further discussion. Of course, people from South London think their part of the capital is the best. They’re drunk on nostalgia, bias and cheaper flats. The West doesn’t count as they have the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. The East doesn’t count either as the hipsters are taking over. Suffice to say, that the North rules. Damn it, Buzzfeed, you dragged me in!

3. Stop telling us what other people think of us


People miss home, they always do. Certain things will never be the same as where you grew up. The accents change, as do the prices. But we Londoners are NOT that bad, you may have just caught us during rush hour. Sometimes we are not angry, our faces just look like that. You’re making Londoners seem like a tidal wave of assholes.

4. Always telling us what to do


Now, I love a good pop up restaurant as much as the next muhfugger, but stop telling us how to enjoy our city. We have no interest in paying ridiculous prices for food we may enjoy so much that it will actually be heartbreaking when it ends up closing in a week. There’s a Nandos everywhere, just peri peri and move on, Chelsey et al.

Is Buzzfeed trying slowly but surely to ruin your city for you, too? I can’t be alone in this!

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  1. Cristin says:

    I completely agree with you!

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