5 Black Travel Groups You Should Follow On Instagram

Posted by Jay in Travel on December 5th, 2015

Black travel is big business, and has been growing steadily for a while now. While may seem that black people do not travel as often or as far as their white counterparts (due to many, many reasons), these awesome groups that I follow highlight and celebrate the art of black travel.



Created by Zim Ugochukwu (a Nigerian lady, thank you very much!), TravelNoire is a behemoth in the world of black travel. This group and website is dedicated to showcasing black people from all over the world travelling and looking damn good while doing so! I mean, come on!

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Not only do they inspire wanderlust in all their followers, but they also inform members of glitch fares and cheap travel opportunities that they may be interested in. Travelling while black has never looked so good.    

Travel is the new club

When the club/bar scene just becomes boring and uninspired, what do you do? Book a flight and go travelling, of course! Travel is the New Club is aimed at black people that have gotten tired of buying expensive drinks in loud clubs that end up getting spilled on the floor. Or on you. 


Instead of paying for that private booth or bottle of whatever, they’d rather spend it on experiences. Seeing more of the world and not having to deal with a killer hangover on the next day.



Black Girls Travel Too is dedicated to showing black women travelling and debunking the idea that we don’t. So many times I’ve gone through the Instagram page and added new destinations to my already long travel list. I had the immense pleasure of meeting the founder Danny Rivers-Mitchell in London and chatted with her over our love of carrot cake.



Travel saved her life and she’s hoping to inspire other black women to ho beyond their borders and broaden their horizons. BGTT not only want black women to travel, but to also empower them while on vacation. Black women, travel, empowerment and culture go hand in hand.




Las Morenas de España is a group for black women living in Spain. It aims to redefine the black experience in Spain and includes tips and stories from people that are already living in the country. It’s no secret that Spain has a history of racism towards black people, especially as some are so fond of throwing bananas at black athletes


The founder Sienna is creating a space that has resources and insights for those looking to make the leap to travel or live in España. I am looking to start my own Spanish adventure next year, so I’m definitely looking to this website for help!  


One of my absolute favourites is Black Adventuristaswhich is a group dedicated to black women from all over having adventures far away from home or right there in their own city. So you will see images of care free black women jumping out of aeroplanes, bunging jumping, completing an obstacle course, or going on a hike up a hill just 20 minutes away from their homes. 

Along with that fantastic group and so many others dedicated to the intrepidness of black women, I have found different groups of women that understand me and the way that I travel. Including the funny looks you and your hair gets, but whatever.

Are there any other black travel groups that you are a fan of? Have any of them given you the push to book your next trip?

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