8 Reasons Why Packing Is The Worst

Posted by Jay in Travel on December 29th, 2015

I love travelling, this is obvious as I have a website dedicated to my love of travelling. However, the one thing that I absolutely detest about the life of travel is packing. Packing is the absolute worst thing for me and with how often I travel, these are some of the things that annoy me the most.


1. Always feel like you’re forgetting something


No matter how much I double check and triple check, I always end up leaving something behind. Sometimes it’s something small and easily bought like toothpaste. Other times it’s something incredibly important, like my gloves when I was going to Paris in February.


2. Takes far too long to do

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Between the rushing around trying to make absolutely certain that you have packed everything, and buying essentials like travel money, it eats up into my time. Which would be better spent catching up on Always Sunny!


3. I pack too much

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In an effort to predict any weather changes, potential partying abroad or long walks, I usually pack too much. And then end up lugging around all the clothes I didn’t wear or didn’t need.


4. I pack too little of the right things

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I take too few tights, or not enough make remover to last me, these are all easily replaced and inconsequential. But one thing that I have since learnt to pack no matter what, are the rubbers I use for my crutches. After you have fallen repeatedly in front of your friend in Brussels, you quickly learn your lesson. Better to have it and not need it, than to not have it and need it. Desperately.


5. I forget how much I love shopping

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I love buying different clothes and little knick knacks from my trips abroad. This is something I regularly forget to factor in when I’m packing. So usually on my home I end up carrying loads of little bags full of stuff.


6. Low cost airlines strict rules

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Ryanair does NOT play. The will measure and weigh your bag just to make sure you’re not trying to pull a fast one. This just means that I end up wearing way too many layers onto the plane that I end up peeling off as soon as I’m seated.


7. I always pack last minute

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When I should be packing or preparing the things I will need, I prefer to watch TV and doss about until the absolute last moment. This leads to me running around London like a headless chicken trying to get everything sorted the day before I depart.


8. Packing and repacking

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On quite a few of my trips I visit more than one city or country. So I have to pack and repack often. By this I mean shoving all my stuff into my suitcase and then sitting on it until it finally closes.

Do you guys hate packing too? Or another aspect of travelling that you would rather do without?

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