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Posted by Jay in Travel on December 13th, 2016


Black Girls Travel Too was founded by lifestyle coach Danny Mitchell, to emphasis the fact that black girls do indeed travel. Danny is based in Texas, and combines travel with empowerment to encourage and support black women. I have had the pleasure of knowing Danny for a few years now, and have seen the Instagram page of the same name grow daily. As you can expect, it features and highlights the many travel exploits of black women across the globe. She regularly comments that travel saved her life from a young age, and hopes to inspire other women to travel and see the world. BGTT organises international trips throughout the year for members to join. This year they came to London and I was able to meet up with Danny and see her in her element.



Danny had informed me that her group would be arriving to London in November. Different trips and excursions had been organised for the ladies, and I was able to join them at different points. The first night was a delightful meal at Strada’s More London location. This was a great experience for me, as I had never actually been to this part of London. The restaurant is fabulously located so you can see Tower Bridge from the top floor where our table was set. I was able to talk to the women that had come over for the States, but also met some American women currently living and working in the city.


It was so exciting to hear about Danny and her passion through other people, and how they had found their trip thus far. Hearing about the bike tour around Buckingham Palace, and seeing the changing of the guards made me want to explore my own city more! The ladies were enjoying London, surprising me as I was sure that our trash weather would have dampened their spirits! The full group was over 20 people, eating, drinking and enjoying each other’s company. It was so heartwarming to see women that looked like me that had been connected through travel. We all seemed to get along like a house on fire, from those that had known each other for years. To people like me that was just meeting them for the first time.



The London excursion was arranged so that the ladies had the freedom to do their own thing during the tour. This gave me a perfect opportunity to hang out with Danny and get to speak with Rebecca, who was assisting Danny during the trip. As we had met in the city before, Danny insisted on going to our favourite restaurant: Ottolenghi!


While I had been to this restaurant many times before, this was my first time getting food there that was not dessert. The food was divine, definitely believe the hype. This quiet time together was great as it allowed me to reconnect with Danny, and to meet a fellow Londoner. Rebecca is the mastermind behind Miss Munchin’s Cupcakes and their drool worthy shots on their Instagram page. Each of Miss Munchin’s cupcakes is inspired by a different part of the world, and is reflected in the ingredients and decoration. It was so lovely being able to talk to and be inspired by these fabulous women. Hearing them tell their stories of entrepreneurship while black made me want to do more with my travels and blog. And it was just nice to be able to have a good ol’ chinwag with the girls. 



During our time at the restaurant, Danny graciously invited me out that night to a boat cruise with dinner and entertainment. I was able to join because my social calendar is not as exciting as my travels may make it seem! Plus it allowed me to spend more time with the ladies before they flew back home the next day. The boat was docked at Embankment Pier, and the cruise was with Bateaux London. We were treated to a three course meal and welcome drinks, while cruising along the Thames River. Entertainment was provided on board and was the perfect accompaniment to the spectacular views of London at night.


It was nice getting dressed up and having a chance to talk to them again. They enjoyed the trip organised by Black Girls Travel Too, and a couple wanted to come back. Danny being the social butterfly and making sure everyone was having a good time was great. It was an opportunity to see some black girl magic, up close and personal.

Even though it wasn’t a full BGTT tour, it was nice to get a taster of what to expect. I would definitely like to join a tour in the future, once my bank account is not looking so anaemic. I had a great time, and knowing Danny, she would not put something together unless it was a truly unforgettable experience for all.



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