Cruising in Cornwall – 2

Posted by Jay in Travel on June 30th, 2014

When I am not getting hounded by dogs [genius!] about trespassing on their territory, I am making my way over to St Michael’s Mount to enjoy what it had to offer. Or so I thought.

Because of the nonsense that I was put through trying to get back from Porthcurno by the time that I was able to reach Marazion for the Mount, most of the restaurants had close by 3pm and 3.30pm respectively. I mean, I’m sorry but that is ridiculously early by anyone’s account. It was clear that Cornwall was trying to keep me away from the Newlyn crab and try to force me on a diet. Unimpressed, tbh.

But the weather was gorgeous like every other day that I was in Penzance and that was no different. Unfortunately, the only thing to see on the Mount was the castle which was apparently very treacherous to climb and after the day I had so far, I was in no mood to even give it a try.

St Michael's Mount

Waiting to board a boat for St Michael’s Mount

So I took one of these cool boats to and from the Mount for 30 minutes of walking around, which was still pretty much better than any other time I have had my time wasted. Of course, I had to get up and down these stairs in order to get onto the boat. Not the easiest feat as the water was just right there but it was no issue for GI Jay.


Stairs of doom.

I ended up back at Marazion and went to this lovely restaurant that wasn’t too far from where I got the boat, called the Godolphin Arms. I had a delicious crab sandwich and some dessert, cuz screw it I was on holiday and was not going to be denied any longer! Plus the view I had was looking directly at St Michael’s Mount, the meal was enjoyed.

As with every other day of sightseeing, I ended up going to watch the World Cup matches afterwards. Myself and my friend regularly ended up at a pub called Sir Humphry Davy which was not too far from Alverne and sort of became my local. Which included a very nice pub owner and one of the kookiest women I have ever in my entire life.

The very first time I had met her, I was waiting for a match to start and she asked me who I would be supporting during the England game, to which I replied England. She shrieked saying her too, and walked off. That was literally it. I thought I had made it up until I saw her shouting at nothing and other people. She’s definitely a staple of that pub as we kept running into her there and nearly everywhere else. She was magical.


Nice view of the St Ives beach

On the next day, I went to St Ives to just be beside the seaside. I had planned on going back to Alverne for some breakfast beforehand but just didn’t have enough time and did not look forward to having to wait an hour for the next one. This was the first day that I was able to properly hang out with my friend as opposed to just meeting up to shout [admittedly, I did most of the shouting] at different teams on the big screen while the World Cup was in full swing.

Thankfully, the bus that goes from Penzance to St Ives is very frequent, I am assuming because of the beautiful location. So we took the 17B [which is much better than the 17 that goes everywhere] and were there in around half an hour.

For the entirety of our time in St Ives, we just walked around a bit, ate, walked around a bit more and just sat down. Perfecting our summer tans, some better than others, of course. It was a really nice and relaxing day that included me working up the will power to turn down bags, yes bags of cakes from a local bakery. Our very first stop was to a restaurant called The Hub that may friend had told me about before, and it lived up to the hype. Good food with a great location facing out to sea. Awesome.










Good food, great views

On the penultimate day, we went to Redruth to and saw Godzilla at the Merlin Cinema with big couches, food and actually a tiny ass screen, but it was fun. And of course awesome to see Bryan Cranston not being Heisenberg but still being that kooky dad nobody listened to a la Malcolm in the Middle. After that we went to a nearby milkshake place called Shimmys that offered milkshakes and movies. Now, anybody who has ever gone out with me for milkshakes will know how annoying I am about how it should be made, but they did it exactly as I wanted it. Big thumbs up! Plus the decor was beyond adorable.

As my train wasn’t leaving until just before 4pm, I was able to indulge in breakfast, lunch and the season finale of Game of Thrones before saying my goodbyes. I had a great time in Cornwall and was truly stunned to see how beautiful some parts of England really could be. But I could never in a million years live there. The transportation system would leave me bald because I would have pulled out all my hair from frustration.

While the people are really nice and mellow, I wish they didn’t take such a laid back attitude to getting folks from A to B. I really need to learn how to drive before I even think of properly exploring other parts of Cornwall. As there were more places and things that I could have seen but I was too busy praying for a bus to show up.

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