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Posted by Jay in Travel on June 24th, 2014

I recently returned from Cornwall [with all of my luggage, thank you very much] and had an absolutely amazing time, met some of the nicest people and saw how beautiful England really could be, once the bus had arrived.

But seriously though, check this out;


Porthcurno on the way to Minack Theatre

I am awful at planning and only really knew about Land’s End being in Cornwall and that was about it, so on my first day that’s where I went after waiting for a bus for an absurd amount of time. That’s definitely one of the things that I will not miss about Cornwall and just anywhere outside of a big city, you spend most of the day waiting for a bus that only shows up every 1 hour. If you’re lucky and it’s on time.

Visually, Land’s End was absolutely stunning and the views were beyond bananas. But there was not much there to do that didn’t cost a bomb, for example, taking a photo with the Land’s End sign would set you back £10 for 1 photo. Nuh thanks, I’ll take my own.


Land’s End sign

After having to wait for the bus back to town that ended up being half an hour late, I took the 1A bus with the open top and went to sit on the upper deck and enjoy the views from the top. Considering the fact that Penzance, and I am assuming the rest of Cornwall, has so many old people the buses were not easy to get onto.


View from the top of the 1A bus

As it took so long for me to get to and from Land’s End, I had to save Porthcurno for the following day. Even though the place that I was staying had breakfast included, I decided to venture into town and see what was on offer. I found a place in between the centre and my place called Alverne that had great staff and fabulous food, even if the steak knives weren’t what one would hope for.



Breakfast for 1.

Having breakfast there a few times and dinner once, I met a small group of ladies who frequented there and got chatting with a lady that used to live in London. She went to school in South Kensington but moved down with the man that she was going to marry. While she enjoys living in Cornwall, she misses her time in London such always having lots of options for everything, from books to clothes. And we reminisced about how much easier it was to get around in the city over waffles and coffee.  While I was there, it sort of became my local, because I’m a big fan of dining out. And talking to randoms. Especially about London.

After discussing the many wonders of my favourite city, I go to the bus stop nearby and wait for the bus to Porthcurno that would end up being 20 minutes late. While waiting I meet a guy and a girl discussing how to get from town to Land’s End and how long the walk along the coast from Porthcurno would be, and if it’s doable in a day.

The greatest proposal ever

One of the people was a Chinese guy called Danny had been with his girlfriend for 8 years since high school and wants to propose to her. He planned on walking along the coast from Porthcurno to Land’s End and adding it to his wedding video. So cute! We also meet Sumi from India at the same time, and we help Danny take pictures with random men and women to build up a collection of photos for his girlfriend.


Danny and I

Danny and a random lady

So we head off to Porthcurno and have an amazing time and really soak in Minack theatre where I part ways with Danny and Sumi as they will walk along the coast to Land’s End for more footage for the greatest proposal ever!

Because of the ridiculous bus times in Penzance the next bus out of Porthcurno to Penzance wouldn’t be for another two hours, so I decided to walk to the next stop at Treen which would give me more bus options at the 1 bus stopped there also And it is so regularly late, that when you arrive at the bus stop, you don’t know how long you actually will be waiting. Or whether or not you have enough food on you to survive the night.


Sumi and I

Looking back, I should have just stayed at Porthcurno with the merry band of Chinese tourists who kept throwing weird glances my way every once in a while. But I decided to walk to Treen, and walked and walked and walked. I was basically walking on the road in the blazing heat and hoping that no cars hit me. Spoiler alert; they didn’t.

What did happen though was that I was walking by this sort of mechanics place and there were these two dogs, and one of them just didn’t like mne and felt like I was trespassing. So he started barking at me and following me at a quicker pace than one would have liked. Now, I have no issues with dogs, I’m not scared of them. I’m actually a big fan until they start pooping, same goes with babies.

However, this dog was just not letting it go and of course was still behind me. He eventually stopped barking and went back to the compound as he could see that I was too tired and irritated for his nonsense. Arriving at Treen, I’m waiting for over an hour as no bus has still arrived.


When Jay met Frank


Frank, the life saver

This lovely man named Frank came along in a dark green taxi and asked me if I was okay as I had still been waiting for the bus for over an hour even after walking. When I asked him if he knew whether or not the buses stopped at that particular part as the wait was just getting ridiculous even for Cornwall he offered to give me a lift to Penzance as he was going there anyway.

Now I know what you’re thinking, did she seriously get into a car with a man she didn’t know? Yes, I did ladies and gentleman, yes I did. Bitches was dying out there thanks to Cornwall’s truly awful transportation system. Frank was just the nicest man and we got talking after he offered me a bottle of chilled water from his built in fridge! He was also another Londoner, I just seem to attract them as much as Cornwall does.


East End geezer

I find out that he currently lives in Bournemouth and came down to Cornwall for the day as his missus was busy. We discussed our various aches and pains and always remembering to be thankful for what you have, as so many people have it so much worse. He used to be stuck in his house all day because he had one of those huge oxygen tanks for his breathing problems, but thanks to advancing technology he was able to get a portable one and bought a taxi for himself.

Which he explained to me when I said that I would be more than happy to pay as long as he got me back to town. Frank was just one of those rare true blue people, while many people kept driving past, he stopped. He asked how I was and helped. A true legend.

Thankfully the rest of my trip wasn’t as adventurous as Porthcurno, but I definitely need to learn how to drive before I go back to Cornwall, it’s just simply a logistical nightmare if you don’t. You spend too much time trying to figure out if you can do two things in the day because of the messed up bus times, which ends up being late, anyway. I am most certainly not about that life.

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