Filming in Greenwich for Accessible London

Posted by Jay in Travel on February 12th, 2018



Greenwich is an inner London borough located in zones 2 and 3 on the London underground. It borders the boroughs of Lewisham, Newham and Tower Hamlets and is South of the Thames River. Greenwich Maritime is a UNESCO World Heritage site, that was inscribed in 1997. This includes the town centre, royal park and all related buildings. I decided to film in Greenwich because all 3 stations (Greenwich, Greenwich Maritime and North Greenwich) are wheelchair accessible. As well as the area being served by a number of different buses that all have ramps and spaces on board for wheelchair users. 


Accessible London_ Shoreditch YT

I have an Accessible London series on my YouTube channel. Through these videos, I show viewers, both mobility impaired and otherwise, the great accessible things you can do in London. I include information about transportation, tourist sights and restaurants. The first video I shot was in Shoreditch back in 2017! You can check out my very first video here and see the hilarious outtakes that didn’t make the final cut, here. Two friends filmed me and helped keep my spirits up. I decided to start this series to have an interactive avenue of imparting some accessible knowledge. It will also help other travellers that may be on their way to London. I know I keep calling it a series, even though I only have one video, but the numbers will increase! If there is anywhere you would like me to film, please do drop me a line.



During the filming session in Greenwich, I was joined by the fabulous Caroline who is the founder of TravelEatSlay. We decided to film together and complete my video, as well as promote her apparel brand. You may recognise her from my post about all the different black travel events I’d attended last year. We had to brave the wind, rain and other people on Saturday, but we were able to do it! It was great fun having someone who was also on a similar path to me, trying to grow their brand. We had many laughs along the way, and you can check out our shenanigans on my highlighted IG story. I will be working on editing the video over the upcoming weeks, and can’t wait to show you the finished product! Make sure you don’t miss a thing and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


For anyone that is interested in collaborating with me, I am interested in hearing from London bloggers! Whether you blog about travel, fashion, food, or lifestyle. As long as it has an accessible component and it’s in London, I’m down. Reach out to me via email, or comment on this Tweet I wrote, so I can add you to the blogger list!

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