Idling in Iceland – 3

Posted by Jay in Travel on March 29th, 2015

By the time me and my friend got to Grindavik, it was already dark so I went straight to bed. As she needed to go back to the capital to sort some things out, I went with her and had a quick lesson about the surrounding area with lava just sitting right underneath. What was even crazier to learn is that there is a golf course on top of this lava, I think that’s a game that I’d have to miss!

It is a fishing town and while it was crazy windy there, I was able to get some great shots of the land and sea. And that was before we went to a nearby bakery and we got some baked goods and a malty Christmas drink.



Getting back to the city, I went to The Laundromat Cafe  by the Old Harbour [you notice how pretty much everything is there?]. It serves brunch and burgers and if you go downstairs you can put in a load of washing and wait for it upstairs. Isn’t that just the greatest idea ever? I decided to have the super sweet hot chocolate and a stack of pancakes. Mmm sugar.


I am in agreement with the restaurant regarding this advert that I had seen at an earlier date. Life is just too short, you guys.

Wandering around the city more and only stopping to snap some pictures and have a few more nibbles. My friend was going to see a play that she had an extra ticket for, but unforunately for me the play was only in Icelandic. So I decided to go watch the Hunger Games movie at a cinema just outside of the centre. What I had not realised was that  the time schedule I had looked at was off by half an hour or so, and I had missed the beginning of the film. Not being satisfied with this I, for the first time ever, snuck into a later showing of the film** that started after mine had ended. Although it was a gruelling ordeal and I pretended to go to the bathroom just to throw off the staff, but I managed to do it!

Going back to Grindavik, we stopped off to get our swimming costumes and headed off to the Blue Lagoon. As previously mentioned, my friend lives right by the lagoon and we went late at night. You could barely see anything apart from the small lights in the road to guide you, and the familar smell of sulphur. Getting myself prepared for the water involved cramming all of my clothes, calliper and all into my assigned locker.

From then I moved onto the showers that had shower gels and shampoo/conditioners from the mineral rich lagoon, of which I made sure to take full advantage. Then it was a very brisk walk over to the edge of the water in the freezing cold air. Then I risked the integrity of my phone, Digby, and took the photo above. Before making my friend come out to put it back in my locker. What followed next was looking up at the starry sky, discussing celebrity gossip and all the important things in life.


Exit of the lagoon.

The next day I went to the nearby school that my friend was teaching, and got to see all the differences between their combined primary/secondary school compared with my own. Obviously, it has been quite a few years since I was in school, but it was easily accessible with a lift to get you to the different floors of the building. Not to mention their killer recreation room, with games consoles and the like. My primary school’s one room filled with board games and pick up sticks didn’t quite compare somehow.


A lighthouse behind all the smoke coming up from the ground

   DSC_0836 DSC_0840

We moved onto Ásbrú, which used to be an old US naval base in the town of Keflavik that had now been abandoned and nothing else had been added to it, but it was odd to see what it was like before with the American soldier boys coming over to the small town.


A map of the naval base

After this, I was treated to a lovely lunch by my friend’s parents in their home while the windy sounded like it was trying to knock down all the nearby houses. It was during this time as well that I was able to enjoy the rest of my delicious Egils orange drink, one of my favourite Icelandic products! But the first of course, being my friend.


We were treated to a great lamb dinner and chilled out at her family home, watching TV and chatting. During which time I found out that her parents, on their way back from the UK, had managed to see the Northern lights AND a volcano erupting up in the air while they were flying back into the country. Not jealous…not jealous at all. After I finishied eating and not being jealous, I went to get my tickets printed and prepared myself for the next portion of my trip.


As is customary in most Icelandic households, we had a dip in the hot tub by the house while it hailed. As my flight to Stockholm was stupid early, we had to part ways and I went to bed in Iceland for one last time before having to get up at some ungodly hour in the morning. Thankfully I had not completely irritated my friend by this time and she was generous enough to drive me to the Keflavik airport and bid me adieu.


I had arrived at the airport with good time and was assisted by this lovely Icelandic guy who worked in the special assistance department, who I found out was working to help support himself while he was studying to become a pilot. But he already had a lady friend, so I could not become his wife in order to get free flights around the world. Just got to keep paying like a chump.


This was the view from my window seat on my way to Stockholm.

**Please note that I am not advocating sneaking into films that you have not paid for, but this was a pretty big deal for me!

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