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Posted by Jay in Travel on October 16th, 2016

Planet Hollywood was launched in the winter of ’91 in New York. It is a dining experience centred around the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, and the stars that live and work in Tinseltown. Planet Hollywood made a home for itself in London, a stone’s throw away from Piccadilly Circus. I recently went there to check out how accessible the restaurant is for those with reduced mobility. And of course, to try some of the food on offer! So read below to find out how you can get to Hollywood without ever leaving London…





Planet Hollywood is perfectly located on Haymarket in Piccadilly Circus. The bright lights of this part of London suit the aesthetics of the restaurant. The nearest station to the restaurant is Piccadilly Circus, however, this station is not disabled accessible. The closest accessible station is Green Park, which is only 7 – 10 minutes away. It has lifts and escalators available, so you won’t be too far from your destination.


If you are anything like me and get lost incredibly easily, then it is worth nothing that Planet Hollywood less than a minute away from the water feature with the horse statues. The restaurant is close to theatres and cinemas on either side, so you can dine before or after a show.



The menu at Planet Hollywood is large, with plenty of options for everyone. From the quintessentially American burgers, to British steaks, and very generous portions of everything. I had three starters, the popcorn shrimp, chicken crunch and the blackened shrimp. My favourite out of the trio, was definitely the blackened shrimp. The jumbo shrimp were filling and had a smoky taste to them that I adored. However, the popcorn shrimp had the best sauce, creamy but with a bit of a kick.


The drinks section could have been a menu by itself. You can choose from classic cocktails, to Hollywood themed drinks. And if you have something of a sweet tooth, you can opt for a supremely thick milkshake! But you will have to remember to save room for the main course and dessert. Planet Hollywood get their steaks from Donald Russell, who are an award winning and royal warrant holding online butcher. So of course, I went for the prime sirloin steak, medium with sweet potato fries, because you have to treat yourself. It was absolutely delicious, but I had to take it home. I forgot how big the portions are in American dining!


As my eyes were bigger than my stomach, and I got lost in the fantastic selection, and did not leave any space for dessert, but I will have to remember that for next time! For those that have a tastecard, they are accepted at Planet Hollywood! So you can get more, for less.



As you would expect, the inside of Planet Hollywood is decked out with film memorabilia. Wall to wall icons that are instantly recognisable. From Freddie Kruger’s metallic fingers, to a Gremlin that will watch you while you eat (Remember, don’t feed them after midnight!). The service by the waitress was top notch, attentive without being obtrusive. As they know the menu inside out, you can ask them for advice on what to get if you have never been before, or if you have and want try something new.

The walls are lined with large television screens that show different music videos, giving it a very fun atmosphere that you can bop along to and enjoy. Some restaurants are essentially libraries that happen to serve food, but you can really get into the party mode at Planet Hollywood. And send a fun text that can be shown on screen, so you would have officially made it to the big screen in Hollywood! Get it?

Planet Hollywood


If you are after something a little quieter, or a bit more private for an event, there are different spaces available. You can choose from the Bond Room, which is lined with 007 posters and gadgets. To the British Room, that has memorabilia from such British classics as Oliver Twist!




Planet Hollywood has two entrances, the main entrance can be reached by two steps. However, they also have a side entrance that is level with the pavement, so it is perfect for wheelchair users, and others with reduced mobility. Inside the restaurant, they have a large open plan area, with booths and tables available at the immediate entrance or further inside. To get towards the back of the restaurant, there is a slightly elevated ramp with handrails, for those that might require the extra support.

Beyond the large cocktail bar to the left hand side are accessible bathrooms. There is a specific disabled bathroom available, and next to that, there is a bathroom with a baby changing station. This is an especially genius bit of forethought, as there’s few things that will put a dampener on an evening out, than having to wait ages for the bathroom.

They have spaces available for wheelchair users to be able to dine with their friends and family. And they are more than happy to accommodate to the specific requirements of their guests. If you are unsure, do feel free to call or email them to ask.



To find out more about Planet Hollywood and their offers, check out their website. You can read more reviews here

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