Sightseeing at a Parisian Pace – 3

Posted by Jay in Travel on March 6th, 2014

It must be said that while it did infuriate me to no end the lack of accessibility within the Paris public transportation system, travelling while crip did have many perks. One of which was queue jumping, I was able to bypass lines by simply having the correct accessories.


Come on son, you know I ain’t about that life.


Queue jumped at Tour Eiffel to get to the 2nd floor as they wouldn’t let me go any higher…


And what I have noticed while travelling within Europe is that they regularly ask for a “handicap” or “disabled” card to prove that you are actually disabled and didn’t try to do something like tip a cow and end up injuring yourself. We don’t have a specific card like that in the UK as far as I am aware, but providing your blue badge or an award letter for Disability Living Allowance should suffice.


Inside the Chateau de Versailles. Marie Antionette didn’t have to queue, and neither did I.


I ain’t about that walking unnecessarily life, either. Gotta love the mini train at Chateau de Versailles.


Sometimes though, they just didn’t care. Took one look at my leg and waved me straight through, and I did not have one single problem with that. So many times my disability and I am sure others’ as well has held them back from doing something, so any little perk is always greatly welcomed in my book! 


Another successful queue jump at Musee du Louvre


Lift within the Louvre for those unable to use the stairs or escalators.

It must be said that because I am British, queuing is something that I do. It’s a very British thing; we form orderly queues and wait our turn, for everything. But if there is ever an instance where I don’t have to, even though it goes against my nature and upbringing, I will GLADLY jump that queue.

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