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Posted by Jay in Travel on April 10th, 2018


Monday is a day that is thought of as the beginning to a long work or school week. If your birthday happens to land on a Monday, you don’t go around jumping for joy. Cuz even if you are free to celebrate, chances are that nobody else will be able to enjoy it with you. Luckily for me, I had been visited by Lady Luck a couple of times in a row. I won tickets to an African Supper Club hosted by Lerato Foods AND won the Hamilton Lottery to see the musical for £10 per ticket!


Bloggers Eulanda and Omo of HDYTI recently celebrated the 3rd anniversary of their blog, and were running a few giveaways on their Twitter channel. I happened to be the lucky recipient of two tickets to an African Supper Club hosted by the fabulous Lerato Umah-Shaylor with a dance being performed by Eulanda. I was joined for the Easter/Spring inspired feast by my friend Leila, who thankfully hooked me up with great photos cuz I was too busy eating! I had been excited to win these tickets as it was my first time taking part in a supper club. The event was hosted in Battersea at the London Cooking Project a beautiful hire space that provided plenty of seating, as well as a huge restaurant grade kitchen.


Moin moin w/ tiger prawns or mushrooms and flowers. (Leyla Bile)

We were welcomed with a gorgeous fruity hibiscus drink, that I honestly could have drunk all day. The menu (above) had me excited to get some yummy Nigerian food in my belly! I was pleasantly surprised by the aubergine rolls, as I am not big on them cuz of the mushy texture. Unless it’s Baba Ganoush, but that’s just in a league of its own. The pepper soup was not as spicy as I am used to, but that was to be expected. When catering to a variety of different taste buds, you simply cannot risk upping the heat factor! The standout dish for me had to be the Jollof Quinoa, my GOD that thing was amazing. I had to stop myself from eating all the quinoa from my side of the table!


As mentioned above, the super talented Eulanda provided the entertainment and danced around our tables, which I loved. She also invited the diners to join her in some steps, as well. Not so big on that part, as people do not need to know that I’m a bad dancer! Thankfully I had made some new acquaintances on my table so we were all able to join in the fun. I was happy to be seated once more, though! I’d rather leave the dancing to the professionals, while I focus on my food, haha.


Apart from the amazing food, the best part of the supper club was the company. Sitting around a table and sharing a meal with people you have just met, is what Jay lives for! To Lerato’s surprise, there were quite a few Nigerian diners at this feast. I enjoyed getting to know the people I was dining with, and was told of a seafood restaurant in North London. Enjoying this great meal and experience with my friend Leyla was the perfect start to my Monday. I was able to stay behind for a little while, and had a chance to speak with both Eulanda and Lerato. It was a pleasure to share in their passions on Easter Monday, and then snap a picture with them! #blackgirlmagic


I had been playing the Hamilton Lottery on my phone since January of this year, hoping to win £10 tickets to the musical everyone was talking about. An email notification popped up on my phone, and I immediately thought it was a scam, until I received one from the Hamilton app, also. After months of entering the lottery daily, I had won the chance to grab cheap tickets to see Lin Manuel Miranda’s critically acclaimed show. I immediately bought the tickets, and then asked a couple of my friends to see who was free to come and see the show.

After our fabulous dining experience, I headed towards the Victoria Palace Theatre to meet up with my theatre buddy. Like everyone else, I had heard the hype surrounding the musical and already knew a bit about Alexander Hamilton. The inside of the theatre was beautiful, and the staff were helpful before, during and after the show. We had sat next to an American couple from Seattle who had seen the show many times before, so we knew we were in for a treat. Our tickets were front row centre, so we saw the action up close and personal!


The musical was absolutely phenomenal. The cast was magnificent and so diverse! The songs were catchy and instantly memorable. The whole show was uproariously funny, like laugh out loud hilarious. My favourite characters were Washington, Hamilton, Angelica, King George and Lafayette/Jefferson. But the entire show, from start to finish had me hooked. As soon as we left, we wanted to go back and watch it again. Especially since myself and the actor that played Washington had some super intense eye contact during the end. For like half a second, but still! I would highly recommend playing the lottery, as you really never know!

I found the Victoria Palace Theatre to be accessible for my needs, as there was ramped access to the entrance of the building. There was an accessible toilet beside the entrance to the stalls section of the theatre. From the front to the back of the theatre, it was levelled, so those in wheelchairs need not try to navigate around steps.

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