Victoria is a Queen

Posted by Jay in Travel on February 26th, 2014

Victoria was a Queen. She is still the longest reigning monarch that has ever been on the British throne, but Victoria is also the name of one of the London Underground lines on TfL. And in my not so humble opinion, the greatest line ever in London.

She is one of the newer lines and is distinguished by her light blue colour on your various TfL paraphernalia, such as tube maps and t-shirts if you’re so inclined. Or are a tourist. You’re probably a tourist if you have a tube map t-shirt. Or a very bad Londoner. We don’t do that. Stop it.


via tubeprune

Simple. Classic. Chic. What a woman. What a Queen.

But moving swiftly on, it must be said that the Victoria line is not the most accessible as only 4 stops on the entire line are step-free. This is something that still irks me to this day and must be changed, especially as I use it every day. However, with all her faults she is the most reliable and frequent line in my experience.

Regular PA system announcements at any Victoria line stop will tell you the same thing, “There’s no point rushing as there will be another train arriving in another minute.”And there is another train a minute afterwards, getting used to this kind of service however does have its drawbacks. Being a regular user of this most magnificent of lines, I expect the same level of service and efficiency from all the lines on the underground.


When Victoria says she will be there in a minute? She will be there in a minute. She’s a class act.

But unfortunately, this is not what I receive and I am always surprised and thoroughly disappointed. Unlike the District line [green] which is always closed on weekends for essential maintenance works or it’s partly suspended, or the Metropolitan [purple] which always looks like it is one swift kick away from falling apart. In fairness to the Metropolitan line, it is the oldest out of all of them.


via TfL

Look at Victoria there, “Good service” as always. Victoria is a gal on which you can depend, she’s a lady.

Both Piccadilly [dark blue] and Northern [black] lines have too many stops, and in the case of the Piccadilly, it’s a hassle getting your crutches and your leg caught between people and their suitcases heading for Heathrow.

Victoria just has 16 stops and gets to them promptly, even when people try to make her look foolish with their mishandling of concrete, she is back on track in no time at all. I think that Dame Helen Mirren or Dame Judi Dench should voice her in the film about her tremendous life.


Fabulous people having fun at a station on this glorious line. Look at the joy in their faces!

Why this ode to an underground line you ask? Because thanks to my calliper and crutches, I go everywhere rather slowly and Victoria has been such a great help in getting me to places very quickly. And I truly believe that the song “Always on Time” by Ja Rule ft. Ashanti was about this brilliant line.

I will say that the DLR gets a very special mention; every stop on this amazing line is disabled accessible. I only wish that I could use this line more often than I currently do.

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